Ojumirola Olanrewaju

Ojumirola Olanrewaju | Content Writer

I am a self taught writer with the skills and knowledge for contents.

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I am Olanrewaju Jane Ojumirola and I'm a self-taught content writer. I've been writing content for as long as I remember, starting with writing captions,adverts for friends and family as well stories in my leisure . I quickly realized that I had a passion for writing and wanted to explore the field further. I found that my love of language, research, and creativity made me well-suited to content writing."

  To further my knowledge and skills in content writing, I’m currently taking an online course on copywriting from Alison which taught me the importance of tone, structure, and audience in writing. I also worked with a small media and advertising company, Dojacopy which showed me how to write content that is optimized for search engines. These helped me to develop my skills and gave me a solid foundation in content writing. I’ve also learnt the importance of ongoing learning and development in the field.

   In conclusion, my experience and education have given me a strong foundation in content writing. I'm passionate about the field and I'm always looking for new ways to improve my skills. I'm confident that I have the knowledge and ability to create high-quality content.