Peter Altschuler

Peter Altschuler | Content Writer

I make things irresistible and create the desire to buy.

My work works.

It makes things irresistible and creates the desire to want them... a lot... and it does it online, on the air, in print, and for events (when there are any), putting millions of dollars in the pipeline.

The campaigns I’ve created boosted responses 400%, generated 80% levels of awareness in a month, pulled in product trial rates of 32%, increased website activity by triple-digit percentages, and were talked about for years (in the very most positive ways, of course).

What’s the secret? There is none. I simply communicate in ways that make sense to each reader or viewer or listener. In terms they find appealing. In language they understand. It’s how – online and off – I’ve distinguished, positioned, and clarified brands to a broad range of markets. It’s how I’ve created the desire to learn more, take action, and buy.