Brandon Robles

Brandon Robles | Content Writer

Passionate copywriter with a highly creative and lively writing style.

  • Specializations

    Food Beauty Media
  • Languages

    Spanish English

I am an experienced junior digital copywriter with a background in narrative writing. I help organizations increase exposure and conversions by writing engaging copy that conveys a story and encourages action. I work hard to give employers and clients quality work that is completed with the utmost dedication and professionalism.


Website Copy - Social Media - Product Descriptions - Blogs - Email Copy - Landing Pages Video Scripts  

Professional Skills & Traits:

SEO - Copywriting - Research - Website Audit - Creative Writing - Editing - Storytelling

Excellent Communication Skills - Attention to detail - Creative - Inquisitive -Collaborative - Adaptable - Self-motivated - Enthusiastic  


Film & TV - Video Games - Graphic Novels - Board Games - E-Commerce - Recreational Entertainment - Food - Men's Fashion - Soccer